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Town Hall Hours

 Welcome to the Town of Hampton

Hampton is a small town that depends on its residents for volunteering in a myriad of ways.  I’d like to use this opportunity to thank the many citizens for their countless hours of work which keeps our town going.  I encourage all Hamptonites to get involved with our town, whether by serving on a committee, volunteering in our fine schools, helping out your neighbors, or finding your own way to contribute.
- Allan Cahill, First Selectman

Please drop by Town Hall during business hours with any comments or concerns or just to say hello.  Feel free to email me at firstselectman@  or call (860) 455-9132, ext. 2. Anytime

Covid -19 Eligibility and Transportation

Covid-19 Vaccination Update - Scheduling for 65 - 74 will start Feb. 11 2021

 Please respect your neighbors and wear your mask and distance at lease 6 feet.  This includes every place you go including outside and around the transfer station.  Stay safe and healthy. 

COVID-19 exposure notification app

Windham Covid Testing Sites

Temporary Housing Assistance Initiatives  Click Here

Home Energy Solutions (HES) Program

Access Housing/Energy Assistance

 Tax Sale - June 2, 2021 Hampton Town Hall Lower Level 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Levy/Tax Sale Properties June 2, 2021

Rental Assistance

Hazardous Waste Center 2021 Schedule

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